VibetoLight is the harvested energy from vibrations made by humans or cars. This technology absorbs shock and converts it into energy which can be used later for many purposes.

This portable pad has been designed to utilize electromechanical systems (mems) to generate electricity. The electromechanical system compresses within a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) that later enables it to produce electricity.

How does it work?

VibtoLight uses the concept of turning piezoelectric material (sensors) into energy. This is done using the pressure, weight, and vibration that is put on the pad via humans and vehicles.

The membrane pad has Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor. MEMS is used to transfer the mechanic as a mechanism. The technology uses related vibrations that can be converted into energy. These vibrations, if not used properly, would lose in the crowd as vibration, movements, pressure, and sound. The mechanism of this pad is that it uses a piezoelectric substance, this later produces electric charges after applying mechanical stress. Oppositely, an electric field application allows mechanical deformation. Vibtolight pad membrane is able to generate enough electricity that it can balance the power coming from the main grid. Such powerful electric power coming from the pad can be used for the much greater, it can be used to light things.


Targeted audience:

VibtoLight membranes are designed to have as many applications as they can have. But the most considerate applications are highlighted here.


 Lighting Urban Centres

Whenever a person or a vehicle passes over the pads it will put enough force on the pad to generate electricity. This electric charge can later be used for lighting systems. The usage of this electric energy is not limited to anything. It can be used to light shops and billboards in urban centers. To store the energy produced by pad a capacitor is used, which later sends the electricity to the other devices that are used with electricity such as caution signs, billboards, lights. This human and traffic made electricity can be sent to the main power grid to improve the electricity supply from there. Along with this, it can also include construction site. Construction sites produce so many noises and vibrations, if these pads are put in these sites they will use this energy and convert it into electricity. This light can later be used to light signboards, caution signs and any other signs that need to be lit for the help of workers and other people. 


 Interior Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Vibetolight can also be used in commercial and mixed-use buildings to light up the interior within. These pads can be put under carpets and tiles. They will not only lightt up the room more but they will also enhance the light effect of the building designed by designers. It does not cost extra for businesses and shop owners. It is a one-time investment. 


What is in there for the society?

VibtoLight provides its users with clean and renewable energy. Not only this device eliminates unwanted noises but it also produces green electricity. This new and innovative idea will provide its users renewable, safe, and clean source of power. 

This approach will become a greener source of electricity in the world. The main aim of this product is to provide people a protective environment. This saves both men and the environment.


 Wasted energy vibration

Rather than wasting vibration made by cars and humans why not make the most of it? The energy we waste so easily and without even considering can be used for so many things. It can be used to light up caution lights, street lights, and billboards. This energy could even be sent to the main power grid in order to supplement the main power.



  • Electromagnetic sensor

  • Piezoelectric (MEMS)

  • Convert vibration into electricity

  • Battery storage

  • Efficient, safe and reliable


Cut Down dollar bills for the electricity in Toronto streetlight $14M

With the use of VibetoLight, so much money can be saved that is spent on lighting the streetlights. Different areas have different streetlights that consume electricity according to their size.

  • Light bulb consume 60-180 Watts

  • High traffic area provide 100-400 Watts


Benefits of VibetoLight

  • Reducing Cost by almost half Safe and reliable technology

  • Unique Solution

  • Saving electricity

  • Increasing Efficiency


Competition (Nothing in Canada)

The most important and attractive part of VibetoLight is that it is Eco-friendly. There is no one else in the entire Canada that provides the same technology as we do.


Why you should trust us

  • Your care for your time

  • We will provide you complete safety and satisfaction

  • We are local