Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Building the right thing and building the thing right!


To remain competitive within the technological era and ever-changing industry, we need to be more efficient to respond to opportunities and threats. 


Design Thinking is a process for creative problem solving which consists of 4 stages, viz., Empathise ->Define -> Ideate -> Prototype -> Test.


Out of my experience, there are three basic levels that we should go through to come up with a new cutting-edge product, design or strategy for a product, system or service:


Ideation/Exploration Phase:


Intelligently explore your problem not only within your industry but also outside your industry i.e. if you are in the financial industry, do not only look for new ideas and opportunities within your industry but look outside that area. Look at what the automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and media space are doing. Then, run exploratory interviews with potential customers to get the wheel running.


Design/Building Phase:


Build a low fidelity prototype to measure the tangible benefits of your solution. Then, establish user journey to address the value proposition and feasibility of the product, service or system. Most importantly, collect feedback from your peers and potential users.


Testing/Deployment Phase:


Measure the collected data then, incorporate the changes and improve your prototypes. Finally, control the process through continuous improvement.


The Key Takeaway


Enjoy the ideation phase. I call it the sexy part of the art. Be creative when building your prototype and connect the dots. Keep in mind that the process is not linear, so there might be some disconnect between ideation, innovation and execution, so don’t be disappointed. What is imperative is to add value to your stakeholders. Last but not the least, evaluate your cost/benefit to take your idea to the next level or the next step of the design and implementation.